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Your need is our strength.

Bogdan Contracting offers a full range of quality services based on the varying needs of our clients.

For all projects, we serve as the Project Manager, overseeing all aspects of the job from start to finish. This includes managing architects, engineers and designers, with whom we maintain strong relationships and work closely throughout the design process. We oversee the development of plans according to your specifications and coordinate all elements of the construction process. This includes securing permits and managing inspections, coordinating budgets and purchase of materials, scheduling all phases of the project, and providing the physical construction, which sometimes includes technology planning, design and construction, which we manage as well. Our commitment to quality means a member of our leadership team is always involved in your project.

Project Management

From the first push of dirt to locking the final door, Bogdan Contracting serves as manager for all aspects of the construction project.

This includes governing architects, engineers, and designers as we help develop and review all plans to ensure they meet your specifications and all legal requirements. We handle construction scheduling, secure permits and manage inspections throughout the construction process. We supervise the budgeting, funding and purchase of materials and keep clients abreast of all steps along the way. In addition to building construction, we handle technology planning, design and installation either independently or simultaneously as part of the construction project.


Design and build consist of several steps to complete the process.

To start we work with county officials and civil engineers to provide guidance/assistance, review county guidelines and restrictions on new real-estate and determining best location for new building. Next we provide design concept drawings and perform budget exercises to ensure funding for the project. After this process is completed we develop final drawings for construction and budgets. Once this is excepted construction schedules are established, plans are submitted for review by county officials, and permits are issued to initiate construction.


Bogdan Contracting is a leader in creative renovation and restoration work.

Our planners work with you to develop the best use of existing space, based on the needs of your business. We design, manage and construct renovation and repurposing projects. Our renovation and repurposing work include office expansion based on business growth, meeting ADA and other requirements, and complete repurposing of previously occupied space. As you can expect, Bogdan experts will manage budget, coordinate drawings and permits, and deliver your project on time.

Maintenance and Repairs

Clients depend on Bogdan Contracting for all of their construction needs.

This includes maintenance work from roof inspections and repairs to electrical and mechanical repairs to plumbing and painting. Our team members maintain relationships with clients long after keys are turned over and a building opens, and we are happy to continue to provide services to our clients.